Our Process


We gain understanding and clarity of the client’s current state, their Point A.  We accomplish this by asking thought-provoking, strategic questions, listening intently for trends, ideas, issues, concerns (e.g. performance gaps).


Based on the scope of work and parameters set by the client, we design a custom solution.  The Statement of Work outlines all aspects of the project, work product, and services.  We are flexible and adaptable to changing conditions and situations that sometimes surface throughout the development process.


Throughout the process, we work closely with the client to ensure that we meet the client’s expectations. For off-the-shelf products, such as workbooks, workshops, training sessions, we are able to customize content to meet specific needs of the client.


Depending on the project and / or service, we deliver on our promises – that’s the RTB WAY – to delight the client.


Finally, we measure results with assessments, surveys, and client interviews to ensure that performance is improved and results are achieved.  We make sure the client is happy and satisfied with our work.