Credentials: Registered Corporate Coach (RCC),  Worldwide Association Business Coaching (WABC)


RTB Services understands the rewards and challenges that come with running a business.  We take the time to ask thought-provoking questions; listen intently and help business owners and leaders connect the dots between what’s working and what needs to be fixed.  Through a comprehensive process, RTB Services helps business owners create a plan that drives company profits and overall performance from their employees.

Outcomes: RTB Services works with business owners and leaders to complete the following

  • Business Plan
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision statement
  • Core values
  • Goals
  • Value proposition
  • Organizational structure
  • Roles and responsibilities


RTB Services provides external coaching for companies with 360 Degree Feedback programs.  To achieve real, relative, and measurable results from a performance improvement standpoint, RTB works one-on-one with high-potential and succession candidates.  Each person has his / her unique set of strengths and areas of focus and improvement.  With a proven coaching methodology that involves monthly sessions, individual development plans, accountability and the unique advantage of training in the areas of soft-skills, change management, and performance improvement, RTB incorporates training and coaching for a “one-two punch” which drives new skills and behaviors that produce better leadership.

Outcomes: RTB Services works with high-potential / succession candidates to achieve the following:

  • Individual development plans that contain competency focus areas, detailed action items, and measurable results
  • Promotions to new positions
  • Current job enhancement (beyond the comfort zone)
  • Customized skill development (coaching, time management, leadership, strategic agility, presentation, productivity, project management)


RTB Services helps individuals with life and career planning.  From a perspective of “been there, done that and still doing it,” Michelle helps individuals carve out their unique life and work path that makes sense, provides focus and leaves the client feeling purposeful, directed and organized.  To articulate mission and define vision can be a stimulating and powerful experience.  Using that knowledge to create and then work a plan allows individuals to achieve goals in life.  RTB Services will work within the best timetable for you.

Outcomes: RTB Services works with individuals to develop the following:

  • Mission, Vision and Passion Statements
  • Core values
  • Life, money, and career priorities
  • Life, money and career map
  • Career objectives and options

Complimentary Coaching Session