Instructional Design

Credentials:  Certified Professional Learning and Performance, American Society of Training and Development (CPLP)

Raising the Bar Services designs and develops customized training for organizations, specializing in working with subject matter experts, thought leaders, and authors.  We use a proven, instructional design process that focuses on “need-to-know” versus “nice-to-know” content.  Our interactive sessions ensure that the learner walks away with practical and relevant techniques.  Participants are able to do something different as a result.


  • Curriculum designs
  • Course design documents
  • Instructor-led courses
  • Workshops
  • Blended learning
  • Conference sessions


We create self-assessment exercises which draw the learner into the process of self-reflection, analysis and recognition of areas for improvement and growth.  We work with subject matter experts in order to develop top shelf learning material and instruction that yield performance results.  Our ability to understand the audience and their unique challenges and contexts enables us to create customized training materials that make a difference now.  We help authors turn content into training materials.  This is a business and professional development niche that we’ve spent over a decade honing.


  • Guidebook: Adventures in Medicine:  Resident’s Guide to Life and Practice, a comprehensive, 10-stage self-study for residents and fellows transitioning from clinical to practicing physician
  • Comprehensive curriculum design for IT Project Management and Finance Department
  • Call center – customer service training for front-line support technicians and coaching sessions for front-line supervisors
  • Workshop materials and presentations for annual sales leadership conference (8 consecutive years)
  • Sales simulation workshop (4 hour)
  • Career contentment workbooks and workshops
  • Change management workshop