Strategic Planning

Raising the Bar Services helps organizations and teams identify and craft strategic business elements including mission, vision, value proposition, and behavioral standards.  We facilitate sessions on these elements and engage a team of leaders and employees..  These sessions are interactive, fun and time-sensitive.  We realize that time is of the essence and experience allows us to streamline the information gathering, facilitation and development.  We believe in gathering information with the appropriate amount of analysis and assembling the right people in order to create elements that stand the test of time.

Building on your organization’s strengths, we are able to assist in the development of these elements in much less time than most.  We also help companies establish their point A (where they are) and point B (where they want to be).  We make sure that there’s a separation between strategy and tactics.  Finally, we passionately work with leaders to ensure that the mission and vision are well understood, accepted and adopted by employees and associates.


  • Company Mission and Vision Statements
  • Value proposition
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Goal setting
  • Action Plans
  • Roles and responsibilities