Change Management


In today’s environment, change is constant.  RTB Services provides a proven change management process that takes into account key elements that drives successful outcomes.  Elements include:

  • Human Performance Improvement plan
  • Project planning and management
  • Leadership focus
  • Organizational structure
  • Communication strategy
  • Process improvement
  • Procedure development
  • Job analysis
  • Roles and responsibilities


Real Estate  Property Management Firm

  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions that included vision, mission, values, business goals and action plans
  • Conducted performance gap analysis through extensive interviews and observations
  • Created organizational development action plan
  • Facilitated management team meetings to improve communication, identify roles, responsibilities, challenges, etc.
  • Created detailed process maps and procedures for property management function including four apartment complexes
  • Provided executive coaching to president and key managers in handling challenging situations pertaining to employee performance issues
  • Created job descriptions for property management positions
  • Reduced expenses and increased productivity throughout the organization

Hardware/Software Solutions Company for Automotive Dealerships

  • Integration of 14 Call Centers into Virtual Call Center (Large Change Initiative
    • Worked with vice presidents, Client Service directors, Internal Project champion
    • Facilitated strategic planning sessions
    • Created project structure and objectives
    • Developed communication strategies
    • Supported project teams
    • Supported project leader during implementation and addressed people who displayed resistance to change
    • Developed training programs that included motivational elements
    • Conducted train-the-trainer sessions
  • Utilized a change management system including people, process, systems, structure
  • Developed surveys and conducted interviews to assess the effectiveness of the change initiative.
  • Over a 5-year period, achieved operating expense reduction by $31.2M
  • Client retention increased from 89.3% to 95.5%
  • Client satisfaction scores increased from 80% to 92%

Non-profit, Worldwide, Children’s Ministry Organization

  • Facilitated change seminar for key leaders prior to roll-out of the change initiative with focus on becoming a “Customer Aligned Organization”
  • Facilitated team development and conflict management with project leaders
  • Facilitated development of behavioral standards which led to creation of learning objectives for staff development